The Allies review

Summary From Goodreads:
Like the rest of the nation, the lives of the Morgan family are uprooted by the whirlpool of strife on the European continent, none more violently than Emily Morgan and her daughter, Katy, who are aboard the luxury liner Lusitania when it is torpedoed by a German U-boat off the coast of Ireland. Eventually, both Katy and her younger brother, Johnny, long the family “black sheep,” become participants in the war itself, Katy as a nurse, Johnny as an aviator with a pursuit squadron.
Through a series of ill-fated events, rumor, and broken communications, the fate of the Morgans grows darker still when Katy and Johnny both find themselves caught behind German lines. Will Katy suffer the same martyr’s death as the British nurse she so admired and tried to emulate? Can Johnny find the key to ending the war within himself and find that elusive personal peace—or will his competitiveness destroy not only him but his sister as well?
Hmmm…How do I say this nicely? This book was basically a bore. Despite the action, the long descriptions made me drift off into la la land.
I liked the multiple P.O.V’s, but most of them were incredibly boring. I could not stand Johnny’s chapters. I pretty much skimmed through the doing parts (3/4 of the book). However, I really liked Emily and Katy’s chapters.
The setting was very well done. I love ALL the things I learned about WW1. Cavanaugh does a great job incorporating history into his stories.
Emily-I found her chapters to be quite exciting, and I enjoyed seeing her again, after The Pioneers.
Katy-She was such a strong independent female character! I really didn’t like that the author had to have her get married, or even have a love interest at all.
Jesse-He barely got any chapters. But when he did, I was bored out of my mind. ’nuff said
Johnny-I hated Johnny so much! Arrogant characters are the WORST. He was so rude had to get his way 24/7.
Overall & Recommendations:
Even thought I had a lot of complaints, it was still an okay read. Extremely boring, but okay overall. Plot was slow due to so many POVs, but I managed. This series is great if you love historical fiction books.


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