The Fever Code review

My rating:⭐️⭐️.5

Page count:347



Summary From Goodreads:

Once there was a world’s end.

The forests burned, the lakes and rivers dried up, and the oceans swelled.

Then came a plague, and fever spread across the globe. Families died, violence reigned, and man killed man.

Next came WICKED, who were looking for an answer. And then they found the perfect boy.

The boy’s name was Thomas, and Thomas built a maze.

Now there are secrets.

There are lies.

And there are loyalties history could never have foreseen. 

This is the story of that boy, Thomas, and how he built a maze that only he could tear down.

All will be revealed.


“The Trials are upon us, folks. Let’s dig in”

I was sooo excited going into this book, but soon my hopes were diminished when there was NO ACTION. I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I kid you not, not one drop of blood. Does that sound like the Maze Runner series to you? Anyways, I’m still torn on if I’m For or against WICKED. I think their motives were good, but the way they went about things was terrible. When Thomas was 5, WICKED tortured him because he wouldn’t forget his old name! He was 5 YEARS OLD! And then, they also tortured Minho to show all the kids WICKED was in charge.

“WICKED is good”

Umm… I think not. But then Aris made a good point: 

“If you could save a billion people by killing a million people, shouldn’t you do it?… I’d rather kill a million than a billion.”

Gah! So many mixed emotions towards WICKED! 

“Its gotta stop, Teresa. All of this has to STOP. I mean it.”

Basically, there was quite a bit of secrets spilled, but nothing that Dashner hadn’t already hinted at, or fans had already predicted. However, at the end, Dr. Paige betrayed Thomas, which I did not see coming. 


NEWT- An interesting fact was he was not originally supposed to go to WICKED, but they took him when they took his sister. 

CHUCK- It was kinda cool seeing Thomas’ unique relationship with Chuck. Thomas really cared about him. 

TERESA-What THE even heck! I just went back and read her diary in the ending and realized it said she had her memory throughout the entire trials!!! I can’t even believe it. She sure is a good actress. I DID NOT see that coming. 

I like all the characters that Dashner has created in this unique dystopian world, but I can never get attached to them. He writes them in a way where they don’t have enough depth to be automatically attached.  

Overall & Recommendations:

I was pretty disappointed in this book. There was next to NO ACTION. Given that it’s a Maze Runner book, I was expecting blood and gore. Thankfully, the nostalgia factor and the ending made me bump it to 3 stars (2.5). I would recommend this amazing series (not including this book) to all sci-fi/dystopia fans. 11+.


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