Oy Yew review

*Disclaimer- I reviewed a free physical copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion at all. 

My rating⭐️⭐️⭐️.5Page count:278


Summary From Goodreads:

‘Lay low and grow’ is the motto of the waifs of Duldred Hall. The only way to escape their life of drudgery is to reach the magical height of 5 thighs 10 oggits, yet Master Jeopardine is determined to feed them little and keep them small. When the Master’s methods grow more sinister the waifs must face their doubts. What is kept in the Bone Room? Why is Rook’s Parlour locked? A new waif arrives and the fight for survival begins. But this child brings another mystery. Who is Oy?


Going into this book, I really didn’t know what this book was about. But as soon as I started it, I was sucked in. Even thought at a lot of parts, it was quite boring, the world still fascinated me. As I kept reading, nothing “new” was introduced until the ending. It was same schedule most of the days. However, towards the very end, it talked about some more stuff that added to world-building. Those little pieces of information really got me excited for the next book, and made me bump it up to 3.5. Us readers are just craved for more interesting worlds. 


You know, the weirdest thing was that I could never actually visualize any of the waifs. I’m not sure if I missed a description, or there never was one. I know that it gives a magical measurement for their height, but not a height that I can actually see in my head. Anyways, I found that the characters didn’t hold much depth. Honestly, if they didn’t have names, you could almost mash them together and think they were the same character. But that’s just my opinion. 

Overall & Recommendations:

Overall, this was a fun, quick read. I’m excited to see what Ana Salote brings to the table in the sequel. I’d say this was a middle grade book, except for the few cuss words. I’d recommend to 10+.


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