Fandom Mashups- 11/27/16

This is yet another one of my newly joined weekly memes. So this is called Fandom Mashups, created by Lunar Rainbows. Every week, she choses a theme and you will chose 5 different fictional characters from 5 different fandoms that would be the best to accompany you on the adventures that the theme provides. This week, the theme is: “In your frequent time travels – you know, the usual – you’ve miscalculated and ended up in prehistoric times. Who do you think would be best suited to help you adapt and survive?”

#1- Gale Hawthorn from The Hunger Games

I LOVE GIAL. But I also love Peeta. But that’s not why I chose him. He’s very skilled with hunting and surviving with the are minimum. I really wish I could chose Peeta too, but Gail is way more practical.

#2- Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

Obviously, she wouldn’t be skilled with nature, but she’s so smart she’ll have read about every medical remedy and whether something’s edible or not. Plus she would be a GREAT friend. And she’s a FREAKIN WIZARD! She can use any kind of magic she wants. So basically we could have unlimited supplies.

#3- Aspen Leger from The Selection

He’s a skilled fighter, and he’s lived life with barely anything. He doesn’t have much to bring to the table, but I do love Aspen.

#4- Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson

Do I even need to explain? She’s very wise, and can make plans in the face of danger. AND SHES FRAEAKIN DEMIGOD

#5- Bishop from Alive by Scott Sigler

Bishop is so resourceful and strong… in Alight (the 2nd book) they’re surviving on a new planet with next to nothing, and Bishop knows how to fight, hunt, kill, kiss…. etc

So that’s all I have for today! Thanks so much for reading! I would LOVE for you to comment and tell me who you would chose.


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