Almost Home review

My rating:⭐️⭐️.5

Page count:240


Summary From Goodreads:

When twelve-year-old Sugar’s grandfather dies and her gambling father takes off yet again, Sugar and her mother lose their home in Missouri. They head to Chicago for a fresh start, only to discover that fresh starts aren’t so easy to come by for the homeless. Nevertheless, Sugar’s mother has taught her to be grateful no matter what, so Sugar does her best. With the help of a rescue dog, Shush; a foster family; a supportive teacher; a love of poetry; and her own grace and good humor, Sugar comes to understand that while she can’t control the hand life deals her, she can control how she responds. 


To be honest, I was pretty much bored this entire book. I kept waiting and waiting for something exciting to happen, but it never came. Everything was predictable, and nothing made me gasp or snort in surprise. Towards the end, I just started skimming. Goodness gracious I always do that on books that make me the least bit bored. It’s such a terrible habit. Anyways, going into this book, I was expecting it to be extremely sad, given it was marked “tear-jerker of the month”. Besides the fact that she moved homes a lot and her mom fell ill, it wasn’t really sad at all. In fact, I was pretty much sighing at the LACK of feels. Also, the writing style is very simple, and is way to young for middle graders or young adults. 


I can’t really deny that I’ve taken a liking to some of these characters. First of all, I loved seeing Sugar’s relationship with her teacher, Mr. B. It was fascinating how she opened up and spilled her heart to him, including her amazing poetry. Also, I’m a sucker for dogs. Shush, her pup, was beyond adorable. However, I though that Shush would have a bigger role in the book. From what I picked up, Shish didn’t have a huge contribution to the plot. Anyways, i didn’t dislike Sugar, but she wasn’t my favorite. She obviously didn’t have much depth to her, so I obviously couldn’t properly connect with her. 

Overall & Recommendations:

Even though it was immensely boring, I still enjoyed the homeless aspects to it. I also really liked some of the characters. I think this cute, fluffy story is perfect for elementary readers. 

Memorable Quotes:


It’s a big word for me.

I feel it everywhere.

Almost home.

Almost happy.

Almost changed.

Almost, but not quite.

Not yet.

Soon, maybe.

I’m hoping hard for that.” 

“You know what it’s like to move from being happy to being not? It’s like swinging as high as you can and someone stops you as you come back down.” 

“‘Everyone alive has good parts and bad parts to them. Some people work hard to develop the good parts, and others work hard on the bad. I think we can respect a person’s potential—what they could be—but we don’t have to like it if they’re acting the wrong way. So you know what I mean?’

‘Like they’ve got good things inside they don’t know how to get at?’

‘That’s right—they’re in a locked drawer.’

‘And they can’t find a key.'”

“You’re going to fall down in this life—everybody dies. But you be the kind of person who doesn’t stay down for long. Get back on your feet and keep going no matter what.”

“It’s not fair, but sometimes a kid has to act older than their age. You just pray hard to know what to do.”


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