Miranda Sings Tag

Hi guys! Today I’ll be doing the Miranda Sings Tag. I was tagged by the wonderful Random Reads


  • Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers (or as many as you can think of) and link your awardees in the post.
  • List 7 things you love about yourself (This can be about your appearance, your personality, your achievements, etc.)
  • Don’t use negative connotation. (I.e. Don’t say things like – I’m prettier than an average person or People have told me I’m smart. You ARE pretty. You ARE smart.)


#1-My Love For Books

So many people make fun of me for my love of books, but i don’t ever care! I love books, and nothing can stop me!

#2-My Chickens!🐔🐥🐣🐤🐓

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little babies! I raise chickens and sell their eggs, and become best friends in the process. I can’t tell you how much I love them. 

*Thats a pic of me a couple years ago with my babies climbing all over me. (Don’t worry they never poop!) ((I look so young in this pic))

#3- My Love for ALL animals

I love ALL animals unconditionally, even if they hate me with all their heart. It pains me when I see them mistreated, and I wish I could have a Rescue for all mistreated animals! (I’m such a dreamer). 

*Blurry pic of me and my kitty snuggling last year

#4- My Freckles

I’m not sure if you can tell from the pic above, but I do have A LOT of freckles. Honestly I love my freckles, and would never give them away. 

*Not a pic of me, because I don’t want to put my full face on the internet. 

#5- My Hair

The color and length of my hair isn’t anything special, but it is super thick. I’ve always considered myself super blessed with this mop rag of a head. 

*👇this is how I feel sometimes until I look in the mirror and In reality I look like Bellatrix Lestrange. Also, that is the actual color and straightness of my hair. 

#6- Volleyball Skilz

I wouldn’t consider myself really good at volleyball, but for my league I’d say I’m okay. It’s my only sport that I love, and it so fun to me. 

#7- My “large” collection of books

Compared to some of y’all, I barely have any. But I’m nearing 400, and I’m about to have a HUGE haul for Christmas. Point being, I’m addicted to collecting books. 



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