Fandom Mashups- 12/4/16

Sorry this is a little late! But the theme for this week is “You’ve been framed by the highest levels of a secret government organization and now you’re forced to go dark in the hopes of clearing your name before you get caught. Who’s going to help you out of this one?”

Hermione Granger

You guys, I’m not just saying because she’s from Harry Potter. Her job is actaully in the law department at the ministry of magic. And she’s a wizard, so she might be able to adjust a few memories…

Bronywn Bruntley

Her peculiarity is super strength, so she could protect me, and find a great hiding place and be able to block the entrance.

Peeta Mellark

He’s my main Bookish boyfriend, and he’d be such great support, and he would always be by my side.

Percy Jackson

I LOVE Percy SO MUCH! (Which could be a problem since I’m also bringing along Peeta…) and he can freakin CONTROL water, and we could be stationed at the bottom of the ocean out of the governments reach.

Nicholas Carter

I haven’t read Passenger in awhile, and as you can probably tell, most of these characters have powers, and I was running out of time. Since I haven’t read Passenger in awhile, I forgot how the time traveling worked, but let’s just pretend Nicholas would be able to bring my gang of outcasts on a journey through time ⏱


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