Eclipse review

My rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️Page count:336

Summary From Goodreads:

Firestar’s three grandchildren have learned of the powerful prophecy that foretells their destinies, and the responsibility of deciding the Clans’ future weighs heavily on the three apprentices. But each secretly yearns for power: Lionpaw dreams of being undefeatable in battle, while Hollypaw longs to be a great leader and Jaypaw knows only he can see the true past and future for them all. Their strengths are tested when ThunderClan is suddenly attacked—and all four Clans are thrown into a battle unlike any the cats have ever seen.

Then a dark shadow falls across the forest, and a mysterious stranger warns the Clans of more trouble to come. For the first time, it appears that StarClan does not hold the answers the cats need.

All of a sudden, the warrior code is being tested. A crisis of faith threatens to tear the four Clans apart and destroy what the cats have built their lives upon. . . . 


“There is a darkness coming that not even Starclan can prevent. And when it comes, we will be helpless to protect the Clans. Helpless even to protect ourselves.”

There was so much of a plot buildup in this book, but nothing happened! I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting. It was pretty much the same cycle as every other Warrior book, except without the pizzazz that deserves 5 stars. To me, it was like an incomplete story, just so the series could have 6 books. Same ol’ same ol’ plotline as the rest of the books. It goes like this: patrols, then something gets mysteriously dangerous, then a prophecy is brought into the story, then a battle breaks out, and then somebody gets a warrior ceremony. END OF BOOK. The whole Power Of Three series has been a huge letdown. I’m still waiting for something to WOW me. Okay, but seriously, even though I didn’t enjoy this book that much, I am so excited to get it the next one! 


LIONPAW- With every book, I’m liking him less and less. He’s becoming more power-driven and extremely selfish. Wish I could have my old Lionpaw back!

HOLLYPAW- I like Hollypaw, I just feel she’s never played a big part in the storyline of this series at all. She’s just THERE. Nothing more, nothing less. TBH, she’s actually my favorite out of the three. 

JAYPAW- With every passing book, he’s getting more grumpy and selfish; just like Lionpaw. What is up with their attitudes? 

Overall & Recommendations:

This book just kinda fell short on the Warrior standards. I was expecting a 5 star book, but instead got a repetitive, dull book. As I said above, I still can’t help but want to pick up the next book right away. I just can’t wait for something exciting to happen!

Memorable Quotes:

“Truth is a powerful weapon … We must be careful how we use it.”

“Lives begun in deception are always lived in shadow.”

“There is a darkness coming that not even Starclan can prevent. And when it comes, we will be helpless to protect the Clans. Helpless even to protect ourselves.”

“Great knowledge can be lonely.”

“The light will return, just like the sun came back, but it will be your light, and yours to control.”

“The time of the Clans was coming to an end, and he, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf were the only ones who could save them.”


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