Fandom Mashups- 12/11/16

The theme for this week is

Fandom Duos – team up 5 duos from different fandoms who you think would work well together if their worlds collided. 

I’m super excited to get to pair up different fictional characters! This is probably going to be the best of them all🤗 Please comment your thoughts on the duos, and I would love to hear who you would choose!

Harry Potter-Percy Jackson

Okay, so this could go both ways. It would either be the best friendship ever, or worst enemies. They were both thrust into an unknown world, and just happened to be the chosen one. Both didn’t ask for the fame, it just came with all the unexpected heroism. I think they would totally understand each other, and they could be the best of friends.

Thomas-Jacob Portman

They both are fighting for survival, and they both have a lot in common. They also are opposites on a lot of things, which would probably make them closer together. Opposites attract right?

Emma Bloom-Annabeth Chase

They are kinda polar opposites, but that’s good in this case. Annabeth is super smart and wise, and she wouldn’t get along with someone who would one-up her plans. And I think Emma would do well with a wise friend.

Hermione Granger-Bronwyn Bruntley

Hermione is a caring, smart girl. Bronwyn is also very loving and caring. I think they would be a perfect team.

Katniss Everdeen- Teresa

They would be perfect together! They’re both ultimate fighters, and so bad-butt. They would get along so well, and ajsxifrbsj! This is probably my favorite team out of this bunch.


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