Tales Of The Peculiar review

My rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Page count:160


Before Miss Peregrine gave them a home, the story of peculiars was written in the Tales.

Wealthy cannibals who dine on the discarded limbs of peculiars. A fork-tongued princess. The origins of the first ymbryne. These are but a few of the truly brilliant stories in Tales of the Peculiar—known to hide information about the peculiar world—first introduced by Ransom Riggs in his Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series.

Riggs now invites you to share his secrets of peculiar history, with a collection of original stories, as collected and annotated by Millard Nullings, ward of Miss Peregrine and scholar of all things peculiar.


This was such an interesting story! Riggs did such a great job writing this book in a new style, given it wasn’t actually written by him in the peculiar world. The stories were so whimsical, and had some strange peculiar people in them. I did, however, think there were some really weird flaws. This might be just because they were tall tales, but there were cannibals were extremely rich but starving (???). They had the option to go buy food whenever hey wanted.


Obviously, since these are short stories, there were different characters in every story. I didn’t actually like any of the characters, but I didn’t dislike them either. They clearly didn’t have any depth, and they honestly shouldn’t in this case.

Overall & Recommendations:

This was a really fun read, and it’s perfect for peculiar fans. I recommend this series to everybody 13+.


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