Fandom Mashup- 12/18/16

This week’s theme is: “Christmas is nearly here and you’re decorating a massive tree! Which fictional characters do you choose to help you decorate? “


If you didn’t know, she’s from the Miss Peregrines trilogy, and she can levitate. She could just fly up to the top of the tree and put all the ornaments up, etc.


I’m just not sure I’ll do a fandom Mashup and not include Hermione. Do any of y’all remember the “wingardium leviosa” scene from the first book? Well, she could levitate all of the ornaments into the rightful place.


Even though she’s a total tomboy, she still has some of those Aphrodite genes in her. She would be able to tell us where to put certain ornaments in order for the tree to be super gorgeous


I have to admit, she wouldn’t really help with the tree, she would just be a great friend to have along with us. And she’s a great musician, and so she could sing and play piano for us while we decorate.


If you’ve read Fangirl, you would know how sweet and kind Levi is. He would be the life of the party! He might feel a look out of place—being a muggle and all—but he would immediately make friends. And do you remember how he was always described as having super long arms? Well that’s perfect for decorating!


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